Language Links

Hello everyone! Here’s some more interesting links to check out.

High school language learners show off skills.


Dance instructors put a new spin on learning language (and math).


What languages should a child learn?

Via The real answer here is “what they are interested in,” in my opinion.

Computer programs teach themselves a language to talk to one another.

Via Can’t help it, I have to share some nerdy stuff sometimes :).

That’s it for now! I hope you all have a great week!

Language Links

Hey everyone! Back with more links to share. I hope you had a great weekend!

We had a nice weekend here in the ever busy San Francisco Bay Area. One of our favorite stops is Mitsuwa Market, a fun Japanese grocery store with a lot of neat shops nearby. If you are lucky enough to live close to one (it is a small chain, with locations in California, Illinois and New Jersey), they are a delightful combination of groceries, food court style hot meals, books, gifts, and DVDs, all of course Japanese.

However, the Mitsuwa here is VERY POPULAR! We went during the busiest time in the day; next time we’ll come back a little later, when the dinner rush has faded! That didn’t stop me from trying some miso ramen, as well as the kiddo eating her favorite katsu curry!

As we are still new to the area, sometimes I see something that surprises me. Recently, I saw a lizard on the sidewalk! Anyone know what this is?

It was cool… and maybe just a little weird at the same time. Anyway, here are this week’s links, enjoy! -Thomas

Robots creating their own language.

Via the New York Post.

Will Angelina Jolie’s latest movie create interest in the Khmer language?

Via Leaning English.

The difference between translation and localization.

Via Econo Times.

For more effective proofreading, thank backwards.

Via Life Hacker.

Language Links

Hello! So it’s the weekend (well, here on the west coast, there is still a couple hours of it left) which means it is time for Language Links.

I’m going to be honest: I’m still working on our taxes (I want to say “chou baka taxes” which is something like “very dumb taxes,” but I don’t really know the right way to say taxes in Japanese nor do I want to bother Lee about it!), so I’m going to keep this short!

Yakuza 0 teaches Japanese board game culture.

Via Polygon. I love the Yakuza games (I’m sure a post on this blog is forthcoming) because even though they are Japanese crime dramas at heart, they have many lovely cultural details that would be difficult to experience, short of living in Japan yourself.

Google helps keep endangered Pakistani language alive.

Via Cnet.

Like I said, short and sweet. I guess I should say, “Sumimasen,” which is the Japanese way of saying “sorry.” Hopefully I’ll have my family’s taxes done and I’ll have more time for blogging!

Language Links

こんにちは! Or rather, konnichiwa or hello (yes, I am continuing to study Japanese, with Lee’s help!). Thomas here with this weekend’s language links:


Whale mimics human speech.

From the Smithsonian. My mother sent this in (thanks!) and says this is a sad story, so I avoided reading it 🙂 But I bet it is interesting!

Do the linguistic ideas in the film Arrival have any merit?

From the Smithsonian.


National Grammar Day.

From the American Enterprise Institute. Did you know March 4th was National Grammar Day? I didn’t, but this post from AEI outlines a treasure trove of awesome grammar-related resources!

Typo Terror:

Typo just about kills the internet for a day.

From Business Insider. Whenever something breaks on Amazon, it feels like my life is over. How spoiled we are! 🙂 😉


Getting beyond intermediate Spanish.

From Actual Fluency. Kris talks to Olly Richards from Fluent Spanish Academy.

Five fun facts about Brazil’s Carnival.

From Busuu.

Daily Audio Bible — iPhone App Review

If you’re like me, you don’t have enough hours in the day to get done all the things you wish you could do. Does that sound familiar?

One thing that’s important to me is increasing my knowledge of the Bible. Don’t worry; this is not a proselytizing post! But it is a post about another resource for practicing languages if you’re open to learning more about the Bible, even if just to study it as literature.

Continue reading

Language Links

Whoops, got distracted by a bunch of stuff at home today (Saturdays tend to be a “catch up” day around here; particularly for chores that get missed during the busy week).* So Language Links comes a bit later in the day. Enjoy! -Thomas

*And, um, yeah, taxes. Ugh.

Grammar skills in babies not inherent, but learned.

Via Sierra Sun Times.

Preserving Nebraska’s Original Spoken Language.


From the blogosphere:

Amazing Brooklyn Coffee Shop

Via This Is The Place I Was Telling You About.

Lee likes tea, and I like coffee. I think we’d both love the decor in this place. Reminds me of Paris!

Paris Travel Guide.

Via Cup of Jo. Our travel manifesto is “do whatever,” as just being in a cool place is enough. But it’s nice to have ideas!

Getting past the intermediate plateau.

Ideas for progressing past intermediate language mastery.

Via The Polyglot Dream.

Language Links

Hey there! It’s Thomas again for another Saturday roundup of language links.

France uses English language theme for Olympics.

Via Apropos since there have been some posts about the French language on this blog!

Giphy creates 2000 animated GIFs to teach sign language.

Via Engadget. Pretty cool!

17% of Americans can speak a second language.

Via TCTimes. Lee might disagree just a little with one of the points in this article regarding grammar based learning (Lee likes that!).

Interview with the creator of Early Lingo.

Via New Canaan News. Early Lingo is a total immersion program for teaching young children a second language.

Experienced reporter still needs a good editor.

Via Bangor Daily News. Even experienced writers need a great editor!

That’s it for now! Have a great Saturday and President’s Day weekend!

French Study Resources

Bonjour, mes amis! French is by far my weakest language, though I use it every day for my work! I’m able to do that because in my job I never have to speak French, and I only rarely have to write it. When I do write it, I don’t have to write long, complex passages of prose, but rather short phrases and sentences.

That said, I do read French pretty well as long as the topic is something common enough and not too full of specialized jargon. My short time of formal French study combined with my strong Spanish skills and a decent amount of independent study have made French enjoyable enough for me that I do want to continue learning more. Continue reading

Language Links


I’m Thomas, and I help out behind the scenes, keeping this blog up and running from the technical side of things. Part of that includes looking over the internet to find cool content that can be included in a weekly links page.

I’m also the recipient of a lot of Lee’s help with typos and grammar mistakes, hence the nom de plume, “Thomas Typo.”

This week’s links:

People make the most typos when…

From DMN News. What time of day, and via what platform, do people make the most mistakes online?

Grammar police strikes again…

From Story Pick. There’s an amusing twitter account called “Grammar Police” that corrects the grammar of celebrity and other notable Twitter users.

Prescription typo causes poisoning…

From That’s Life. This has a happy ending, but yeah, pretty scary.

Alexa adds support for other languages…

Amazon’s popular device adds some additional language support.

Yakuza 0 game localization…

Via Gematsu. I’m a big fan of the Yakuza series, and video games in general, especially Japanese games. Yakuza 0 is the latest and it’s pretty great!

Students create grammatically correct, random sentences…

Via PTLeader.